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A flexible mind and
body are more comfortable to live in.

Want to get back to trusting and feeling confident in your body?
Then you need a plan.

How do I get started? When...

· I am busy and don’t have the time

· Not sure I have the cash to spare

· I don’t have the space

· I feel tired & weak

· Not sure my body can move like that

· I feel stiff and tight

Vital 7 Video Series, guides you through a series of Pilates exercises & movements so you feel like you, in your body again. It's about building a strong base of movement so you can move with more ease, less effort and find your strength again.

How do you want to play?


Vital 7 Video Series

Our top subscription plan. Great if you are new to Pilates, have limited time and prefer to schedule your workouts when you want them.

group class shot

Online Live Classes (Group)

Ala carte online Pilates mat classes. Great if you have done Pilates. An ideal community setting to get a sweet workout, share energy and motivate each other.

private session shot

Private Classes (Individual)

Great if you like one on one attention. General workouts don’t do the trick for you. You want a customized Pilates workout that feels really good.

“I feel stronger, more balanced.” Katy W.

Time, cash or feeling tired can’t stop you now!

  • You can choose how long you want to play depending on how much time you have.
  • Vital 7™ is only 149.99 a month.
  • No equipment needed, all you need is a mat
  • Moving your body gives you energy
  • Expect to increase your strength
  • Improve your flexibility and mobility

Lenny M.

60yrs young
I'm an avid long-distance runner. Running, a repetitive aerobic activity, does not employ very many muscles. I find her techniques (and her calm, empathetic, clear communication style) perfectly compliment my running and enhance my overall fitness. My muscles feel alive, healthy and happy.
Julie G.

Julie G.

54yrs young
I have greater confidence, strength and control. Working with Cassidy has changed my body and my relationship to my body. I had been hesitant to try working virtually but after trying her Zoom class just one time I was THRILLED with the results. I am really improving rapidly with the option to work more frequently.

Danae C.

53yrs young
Attending her weekly online class have given me significantly more mobility and strength. My "mat Pilates" skills have increased dramatically. She surely knows her stuff and approaches everything slowly and positively, and is VERY encouraging. After only a month, I see and feel a significant positive change, and look forward to spending less time at the chiropractor and more time out living life!"

Mark M.

60yrs young
She's great for all levels and whatever body you bring to the party. Cassidy's instruction is easy to follow, observant, thoughtful and reasonably individualized even in a group setting. Her classes have become highlights of my week and help keep me developing my core strength, flexibility and mental acuity as well.