Have Fun & Feel Better

with The Vital 7™ Video Series Monthly Subscription.

No Judgements. No Pretense. Just Great Pilates.

"Strive for progress, not perfection."

Expensive cameras and equipment, fancy workout clothes, and empty promises—that's not our thing. The Vital 7™ video series subscription is about real Pilates, with real instructors, and real results. We are going through these movements, just the same as you: to have fun, feel better, and get lasting relief that sticks.

Whether you're into Aerobics, Strength Training or Balance or Flexibility exercises—this series is designed to help you build safe movement patterns so you'll be less likely get hurt during your typical fitness routine. It’s about moving methodically, smartly, and with awareness, not quickly.

Real Pilates

The Vital 7™ Video Series monthly subscription is fueled by easily digestible, 5-minute Pilates exercise and stretch videos designed to keep your body feeling strong and pain-free daily.

Real Instructors

On a daily basis, you will receive Pilates exercises and stretches taught by our expert, certified trainer—and improve your body at home, at the office, or on-the-go.

Real Results

Our #BeWhoYouAreHere community includes everyone from all walks of life. We continue to think outside the box because there is no one solution to an individual body.

Vital 7™ Video Series

We take out the guesswork, so we can create the most effective daily video sessions for you. Our Pilates instructor talks through each exercise using visual demonstrations to educate you on the why and how of each exercise, so you can set your intention and understand the result you are looking for.

People Love Our Pilates Video Series

It's Fantastic

“I signed up for the Vital 7™ program and was absolutely amazed at the changes in my body. The structure of the program is fantastic.”

— Dr. Lila R, Chiropractor/Circus Geek

It's Progressive

“I was super impressed with the progress I’ve made in just 5 short weeks.”

— Joanne,  Law Student

It's Therapeutic

"It's almost like physical therapy. To say that my pain has basically gone away, I rarely have any kind of sickness, or pain, or for a lot longer stretch before I start noticing those things."

— Adam, Software Engineer

Get Motivation & Support from Our Community

Share your fitness journey with other Vital 7™ members through our integrated Facebook comment section on each video. We also invite you to join The Body Gallery community for Pilates tips, stories, motivational quotes, and much more.

*Limited time only. $9.99 will automatically be billed per month after the 15-day trial ends.