3 Lower Body Stretches to Do at Home


Recovery and repair are just as important as exercise. Stretching not only helps increase flexibility, but it’s also relaxing. Your lower body structures (and especially your hips) are a very key component to your main core, which is why it is so important to keep this area strong and flexible.

Below are three of my favorite lower body stretches. Do these before or after any workout routine—you won’t regret it.

Lower Body Stretch Benefits

  • Increase performance during exercise and daily movements
  • Improve range of motion
  • Build better support for your skeletal structure/spine
  • Prevent lower back pain
  • Reduce the chance of injury

Tightness or stiffness in your lower body and hip area can increase your chances of injury, pain, bad posture, and limited range of motion. With many of us that sit for longer periods of time throughout the day while working, driving, on the computer—we need to take the extra time to stretch, strengthen, and protect this area of our body.

Dynamic Inner Thigh Stretch

The Dynamic Inner Thigh Stretch is so simple, requires no equipment, and only takes about three minutes. This exercise can be repeated as needed, just listen to your body.

Hamstring Stretch

I give this stretch out as homework quite often. It’s common for the back of our legs to get tight, no matter the level of activity. Sometimes a lack of movement is actually the problem. Remember, flexibility is just as important as strength.

Sartorious Stretch

The Sartorius Stretch is our most popular lower body stretch. The Sartorius, a part of your hip flexors, helps relieve discomfort in your hips.

Well, that’s it for now! For a more comprehensive lower-body transformational Pilates course, try our Active Straight Leg Raise Series in our Pilates video course.

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