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A Beautiful Flower Given at Just the Right Time

This beautiful flower was given to me just at the right time; it was uncanny really. It was my simple pleasure moment of the day. Here’s what happened.

I was walking down the street having an internal struggle in my mind. You see, I’m going through some HUGE changes and it’s been an up and down ride to say the least. So, I was walking having this fight in my mind. I was asking myself, “Am I good person?” “How can I initiate such huge change when times are hard?” “Am I being too selfish?” “What kind of partner does this?”

I passed by a homeless man with a sign asking for food. I walked right past him, then I realized I had a cutie in my bag and could certainly give it to him. So, I walked back to him, handed him the cutie with a big smile and then continued on, right back to that internal struggle in my mind.

No more than 45 seconds later I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I turned to look and there was a stranger of a guy holding this huge pink flower. He handed it to me and said that he saw what I did for the homeless man and that I deserved this flower.

I was TOTALLY floored by this random act of kindness that came just at the right time. It seemed the universe was sending me a sign that I am a good person and the choice I am making is the right one for me.

It was my simple pleasure moment of the day. This simple gesture meant the world to me, just in that moment, at just the right time. What a gift!

What about you? What was your simple moment; I’d like to hear about it, do share.

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