A Gorgeous SF Sunset: My Simple Pleasure Moment

No doubt, a gorgeous SF sunset is definitely  a simple pleasure moment to take in and appreciate!

I’m a San Francisco native, absolutely love this city! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else right now. I know this city is changing and it’s not the same funky place like when I was a kid but it’s still so f*!#ing awesome!  Maybe it’s just my SF pride, but I still believe there is something special about this place. I can’t quite place my finger on it, maybe it’s all the special places, all the hidden gems that resonate with me.

I live out in the Sunset District, personally, I love it. I can walk to the beach or Stern Grove and have some time with nature without getting in my car.  So, the other night I decided to walk down to the beach and watch the sunset, totally worth it!! It was simply beautiful. I enjoy those moments when I feel small, my problems feel small when compared to immense beauty of the sky.

It helps put things in perspective for me, whatever issues I may have fail in size. I’m grateful for that, to have that realization and be able to appreciate the moment even when times are tough. It’s all about perspective right? We decide how we want to react to things, how we want to think about things, it’s all in our control. Sometimes I need a reminder that it’s all in my head and I can change it if I want to. Going to the beach and watching the beautiful sunset helped me reset my thinking, helped me get a healthier, more positive perspective.

It was a moment to capture, my simple pleasure moment of the day. My moment to feel I was enjoying life. What was your last moment? I’d like to know.

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