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How it Works

1. We'll help you get familiar with the course and tell you what to expect.

2. You'll be invited to your member area where you can access videos, bonus content, manage your subscription, and let us know how you feel.

3. In each video, Cassidy will walk you through each movement using visual demonstrations and expert insights to guide you towards your goals.

4. Unlock bonus content and earn kudos for every video you complete!

What You Get

8 Series

Deep squat
Hurdle step
Inline lunge
Shoulder mobility
Active straight leg raise
Core reflex

500+ Videos

More added every month

40+ Hours

Professional instruction

Step by Step

Easing you into daily routines


Balance between strength and flexibility in your entire body

Improve your coordination and posture

Help relieve your chronic pain and prevent future injuries

Enhance your quality of life

We're All Rockstars Here!

Have fun whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Meet Cassidy

Cassidy Moore, Owner/Trainer PMA® CPT
Cassidy Moore, Owner/Trainer PMA® CPT

Passionate About Pilates & You

"I believe that time is our most precious asset and that every moment counts. That’s why we encourage you to live long and strong, have fun and enjoy life." — Cassidy, Vital 7™ Pilates Instructor

Cassidy, the owner of The Body Gallery San Francisco and Certified Pilates Instructor for The Vital 7™ Series, has been teaching Pilates since 1999 and is more passionate than ever about preventing injuries from happening in the first place!

Share your fitness journey with other Vital 7™ members through our integrated Facebook comment section on each video. We also invite you to join The Body Gallery community for Pilates tips, stories, motivation, and much more.

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