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Benefits of Having A Strong Core


Benefits of having a strong core 

Working on your core strength can have a multitude of benefits. Participating in some form of core exercises ensures that you have a well-rounded fitness routine. That in turn maintains your body in a much healthier and well balanced form. Balance and posture issues become a thing of the past. And as you progress further in life, consistent focus on core strength results in aging like fine wine. 

Other than the sneak peak on some of the benefits of a strong core. Let’s dive right in and look at the nitty-gritties. Why is the core so vital?


Core Muscles and Core Exercises

Core muscles are basically the muscles that make up your core musculature. That would include the muscles in your rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, erector spinae, psoas, glutes and the pelvic floor muscles. 

While planks and crunches make good core exercises. It will take you more than that to properly work this region. Most exercises that enroll the use of your back and abdominal muscles in a synchronous fashion qualify as core exercises. And variation of these might be exactly what you need for a stronger core.


Core Strength Helps with Stabilizing the Lower Back

An unstable lower back can be the source of a lot of pain and risk of injury. Properly training your core ensures your lower back gets stronger and healthier. Making issues of back pain less likely to occur. A stronger core also protects your back muscles.

With the back being stabilized. Tension and stress are elevated. Enhancing your range of motion and flexibility.


Core Strength and Running Form.

You might notice that when your core is stronger a lot of things get easier. One such important thing is the running form. Meaning you actually run faster. By keeping your torso upright, your core muscles allow the hips, pelvis and lower back to move much smoother. And due to the fact that your limbs are connected to your torso. When it gets stronger, so do your arms and legs.


Core Strength to Improve Posture and Stability.

Whether you’re going about your day or working out. A strong core helps you stand straighter and keeps your trunk stabilized. This is due to the fact that your core muscles wrap around your torso. In addition to the muscles on the sides and back. 

So when all the muscles are dotted on and become stronger, Especially the inner core muscles that attach to the spine, It further helps to keep you upright and maintain the perfect posture.


Core Strength to Protect your Organs.

Organs that find themselves right underneath the abdominal wall get a little extra love when your core is stronger. Organs like the liver, spleen, and kidneys get more shielded from external force and damage.


Core Strength for Reducing and Preventing Pain.

By supporting your lower back and strengthening your spine. Improved core strength reduces a lot of pain and makes us feel a whole lot better. This is a result of the ripple effect of a stronger core. 

Improved efficiency due to better balance and posture can prevent a lot of irritation and counter discomfort from sitting at your desk all day.


Core Strength for Improved Brain Power.

Core exercises stimulate a particular area in your brain called the cerebellum. This in turn affects spatial awareness, coordination and balance. Greatly improving hand eye coordination. Making it a workout for your body and brain. Creating the perfect equilibrium  for your body.


Core Strength and Aging. 

Core strength is very vital throughout your life. Having great posture and balance becomes a crucial thing as we age. Preventing falls, decreasing back pain and keeping you mobile. But the most important bit is making everyday life easier. 

And that’s where Pilates comes in. With an incredible combination of exercises. It creates the perfect toning. Ensuring that your physical life is the best it can be. Check out these amazing videos by Vital 7 to make your life a whole lot better.

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