Yup, Two Simple Pleasures In A Row!

Yup, I got two simple pleasures in a row! So far I’m on a roll. My Simple Pleasure Moment of the Day was definitely running into my old friend Vivian, on the L Taraval, during the morning commute. I hadn’t seen her in a few months, in fact, the last time I saw her was…

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My Simple Pleasure Moment of the Day

What if I could be aware of enough each day to capture my simple pleasure moment of the day? So many happen, small things, like fresh coffee in the morning, a great phone call with a friend, a walk with you daughter, a beautiful rose, checking things off your to do list, and your hubby making fish…

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How Self Love Changed My Experience

Hi BG Friends! I had a conversation with a colleague of mine the other day, Colson Griffith. We were talking about intention and how it changes the quality and meaning of a moment, and how this is an important part of his craft (he’s a wedding and portrait photographer). We have this in common. He…

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