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Client Love

She's great for all levels and whatever body you bring to the party.

I have to give a big shout out to Cassidy.  I ran into her by a referral from mutual friends, and I am so pleased I did.  Since the rolling Shelter in Place (SIP) orders, her online classes have been invaluable given my ordinary gym and exercise outlets are closed or restricted.

I have exercised most of my adult life with weights and cardio.  Have also waxed and waned through Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga and some mat Pilates since the 90s.  In light of all of that, Cassidy's instruction is easy to follow, observant, thoughtful and reasonably individualized even in a group setting.  She emphasizes form and focus with examples, videos and humor as well as watching everyone to coach and cheer on.

Especially since the SIP (and with me living out of state and by myself for the time being) her classes have become highlights of my week and help keep me developing my core strength, flexibility and mental acuity as well.  She's great for all levels and whatever body you bring to the party. Just bring a mat, some water, a towel and prepare with some intention to engage; you will be glad you did."

Mark M. 60yrs young / Litigation Team Manager in Property and Casualty Insurance. Enjoys chillin' / Pilates / and looking forward to moving back to the Bay Area!

Well, my doubts were put to ease.

I LOVE classes with Cassidy!

Finding her virtual classes is one of the good things that came from the stay at home orders...

When I learned about the classes, I was a little skeptical. I thought that since the classes were done over the internet and not in person, and since I had never done Pilates before, that I would not get a good work out. I was concerned with not properly doing the exercises, looking ridiculous and maybe even hurting myself.

Well, my doubts were put to ease. Cassidy is down to earth, positive, authentic, and relatable. She takes her time and explains each exercise and the area of your body you should feel working. She shows the movement(s), emphasizes attention to controlled movement not speed, and then observes how you're doing the exercise. When she said she would observe, I thought, how can she really tell what's happening via camera, what will she really catch? Well, Cassidy was able to catch my too high shoulders - telling me to relax them more - and my low chin - telling me to lift it more. Her corrections were, and are, positive and specific, and she waits to know that they have helped. This shows that she cares that you're safe and wants to make sure you're getting the benefits of the exercise.

After just one class, I felt amazing!!

With continued attendance I have become stronger, flexible, and feel better in my whole body. I know for sure that her classes and teaching style have helped with that.

Do yourself a favor, and check out her classes. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain!"

Alexis T.

I have greater confidence, strength and control.

Working with Cassidy has changed my body and my relationship to my body. I have greater confidence, strength and control. I started working with Cassidy in the studio then working face to face was not an option. I had been hesitant to try working virtually but after trying her No Cost Zoom class just one time I was THRILLED with the results. Cassidy has all the same intuitive and observational abilities to see where I need to focus. While I hope to one day return to her gorgeous studio I have to say that I am getting so much value from the virtual one on one sessions and the group classes which I can do more frequently, that I hope she continues to offer them. I am really improving rapidly with the option to work more frequently. Cassidy is smart, funny and committed to seeing her clients reach optimal physical mobility and strength. I am grateful to have found her."

Julie G. 54yrs young / Consultant/ Facilitator / Speaker/ Emcee / Writer / Performer / Coach / Teacher. Enjoys Pilates /  hiking / kayaking / performing memoir

Utmost effects in minimal time

Cassidy is deeply knowledgeable about Pilates and guides her sessions with efficient attention to every detail, thus maximizing results - both targeted and full-body (including breath work). I'm an avid long-distance runner. Running, a repetitive aerobic activity, does not employ very many muscles. I find her techniques (and her calm, empathetic, clear communication style) perfectly compliment my running and enhance my overall fitness. Utmost effects in minimal time ... Cassidy offers the best exercise deal out there!

Lenny M. 60yrs young / Happily retired. Enjoys running / yoga

I'm so grateful for this.

This review is for 'The Vital 7' the Cassidy's new digital subscription platform! I love it! So much so that I've also gifted it to many of my friends and family. This platform allows me// people to remotely access Cassidy's Pilates genius, through videos and exercise. I'm so grateful for this. As a mom of two I rarely get enough time to make it to exercise but with my shoulder it's absolutely necessary, this platform give me access to the videos of amazing tips, exercise and just general body guidance, that I get in the studio, but at home when I need it.  It's affordable and there is so much on there! thanks Cassidy!!  We love what you do and are excited to do more at home."

Reeves S.


Attending her weekly online class have given me significantly more mobility and strength.

I heard about Cassidy through a friend during SIP.

I had a LONG standing disc/back injury that though I had recovered from with respect to pain, still had significant mobility and strength issues that kept me from doing any sort of core exercises which I desperately needed to support my low back.

Cassidy was kind enough to book a zoom session where she watched me do some exercises, gave me a number of suggestions as to how to engage my core and move properly, and over the past month, doing those exercises and attending her weekly online class have given me significantly more mobility and strength.

My goal is to one day attend a reformer class without pain, but so far my "mat Pilates" skills have increased dramatically, and I owe it all to Cassidy!!

She surely knows her stuff and approaches everything slowly and positively, and is VERY encouraging.

At first I was supremely frustrated because my body did not respond the way "normal" bodies do, and was ready to just accept that I would be permanently unable to do certain exercises. She checked in with me frequently (though not obnoxiously so) and kept positively encouraging me to not give up, and I'm now SO THANKFUL that I didn't!

After only a month, I see and feel a significant positive change, and look forward to spending less time at the chiropractor and more time out living life!"

Danae C. 53yrs young /  Hairstylist / Professional organizer. Enjoys rollerblading / kayaking / swimming / rafting / hiking / dancing / woodworking