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The Vital 7™ Pilates Refresh emphasizes all-around, complete fitness to support a variety of your personal goals. Your instructor, Cassidy, focuses on increasing your flexibility and strengthening your core. For the next two weeks, you’ll work on movements that fit your fitness capacity while safely pushing you to the next level.

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WEEK 1 – Live Long & Limber

This relaxing sequence warms the body, boosts flexibility, and connects you to your breath.

WEEK 2 – Build Strength & Stability

This low-impact sequence emphasizes core strength through control, balance, and intentional movements.


> Hydrate well. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after each session. Try drinking the bulk of the water at least 90 minutes prior to each session, sip water when you need it during the session, and drink throughout the rest of the day after each session.
> Listen to your body. Don’t over-exert yourself. Think, “slow and intentional”. It’s ok to advance through these movements at a gradual pace.
> Revisit the Breathing video before every session. Breathing well isolates abdominals and pelvic floor, creates body awareness, relaxes muscles and mind, increases oxygen uptake, improves the immune system, and improves fine motor control.
> Make yourself comfortable. Allow yourself time in a relaxing, quiet place of your choice. Dress comfortably and in layers to allow you to perform the movements freely and keep your muscles warm. No shoes or socks necessary, so let those toes free.