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Embracing Sadness: A Simple Pleasure Moment

This may seem strange, but my simple pleasure moment of the day is embracing a moment of sadness. I am learning that the sadness moves through me more peacefully and quickly if I let it. It’s part of who I am and if I am going to stay authentic to myself and honor myself I must also recognize and value the darker side of my mindset.

It doesn’t mean I will stay there, in fact, it seems to do just the opposite. I have noticed as I accept my sadness and let the tears flow, my sadness moves though me with much more grace than if I try to pretend it’s not there. I feel it, I cry, it moves through me and I move on.

It’s when I try to suppress my sadness that weird sh*t starts happening. I get awkward in my body, I get moody and spastic. I don’t recognize why and then I get frustrated. I find myself in a bad mood with no explanation. I feel then, that I’m not in control, and that my mindset has no intention.

In this moment, the one I captured, it was the moment when I realized how beautiful it actually is to have this vulnerable moment and that it will empower me later on. It does not mean I am weak to feel this sadness, in fact, it takes some guts to acknowledge my pain. It takes awareness and integrity to let myself be me, in all my emotional glory.

I am thankful for this moment, this realization. It has made my life changing decisions more doable, less scary; I am less fearful. These are all empowering qualities that come from the uncomfortable and vulnerable place of being outside my comfort zone, and thinking outside the box.

So here I am embracing my moment of sadness, realizing it is a simple pleasure moment, as strange as that may seem.

Do you know what I mean?


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