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Vital 7 is built on a series of progressing online Pilates workouts that increase with difficulty as you gain strength and confidence. The sweet thing about Vital 7 is that it promotes healthy movements so you can go out and do what you love.


Love the vibe of Vital 7? Try our private, one-on-one online sessions for a personal workout with Cassidy. Working directly with Cassidy will allow you to ask questions and tailor your workout to your specific wants and needs. Cassidy’s enthusiasm is contagious, so a one-on-one session is sure to lift your spirits. Treat yourself!

Group classes also available. Learn more about one-on-one sessions and group classes.



Get Cassidy’s undivided attention with private online Pilates training sessions. Working individually with Cassidy will increase your confidence as you gain a deeper understanding of Vital 7. You’ll learn firsthand how to master the movements and unlock capabilities you never knew you had. Cassidy slows down the mechanics so you can really feel the precision of each exercise. Through encouragement and repetition, you will fully understand the key movements for better health, flexibility, strength and vitality.

A one-on-one session can offer you an opportunity to ask questions about any exercise video of your choice, a clearer path to making the progress you want, and brainstorm ideas for the best routine tailored for your body, mind and experience level. Each session is customized by Cassidy and is taught at a pace that fits your level of experience and understanding of the key Vital 7 principles (breathing, control, centering, precision and flow). 


Our live online Pilates mat classes are an ideal setting to connect with others on their own personal journey and share common experiences. Cassidy’s spirit, humor and determination ensures you’ll enjoy every grin, grunt, groan and giggle along the way. 

Classes are an extension of the Vital 7 universe, and every session is taught by Cassidy. Group classes are a great way to hold yourself accountable as you grow. Make friends, get inspired and move your body! 

Each class is limited in size so there is an opportunity to receive personalized feedback from Cassidy.