Growth Is Not A Straight Line Up

I wrote this letter to myself at the end of September. I sealed it up, and read it again just a few days ago. I wrote this letter to remind myself that growth is not a straight line up because I tend to get too hard on myself when I’m on the down side.

I wanted to write something simple, short and sweet. I didn’t want the letter to be long, complicated,  full of big words and full of myself, my ego. I just wanted a simple reminder that growth is a journey and I am worthy of  great success.

When I opened up the letter, it brought a flood of emotion, almost tears to my eyes, because I knew this letter symbolized some love I have for myself and it was words of encouragement. Words to myself, from myself, loving myself.

Our clients, at The Body Gallery, are going through a journey of recovery, a journey of self growth as well. I am constantly encouraging them, supporting them and believing they will recover. I help them through their highs and lows of their physical recovery. It’s not an easy road.

I help them to find their belief in themselves. The belief that they will once again enjoy the active lifestyle they miss.

Growth can be mental and physical. Our clients are going through both when they are working on recovering from an injury. It’s a vulnerable place to be and we make sure our clients feel safe and NOT alone in their journey back to optimal health.

We ALL need this kind of support when we are going through a difficult time. Including myself! I tend to put myself last because I’m invested in my clients, my family and my friends.

I am a healer and I need to learn to heal myself. This letter is a symbol of my encouragement, my support, and my belief that I will recover.

So with this, may you be inspired to show some love to yourself. You are worthy of success too.


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