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Importance of Core Strength, Pelvic Stability, and Spinal Mobility

Feeling Back Pain

Importance of pelvic stability, spinal mobility and core strength  

In our day to day lives, our bodies lean towards the path with the least resistance. Overcompensating for certain muscle groups that might not be functioning well to support activities we engage in. This might not affect our functionality at first. But overtime this becomes a burden and might be the cause of a tremendous amount of pain. Most notably lower back pain.

Pelvic stability, spinal mobility and core strength form the perfect synchrony for posture and stability. This can otherwise be referred to as the Dynamic Chain Integration. This helps us coordinate global movement patterns. That involves the upper body, core, and lower body improving our overall stability. 


Importance of Pelvic Stability.

A stable pelvis means that the muscles in our pelvic region are strong. Being able to intercept excessive movement from destabilizing the balance of joints in this particular region. While movement is necessary for all our joints to function. An excess of this creates a plethora of problems. Especially for the spine.

For better speed and endurance. Our bodies need to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible. And for better control and form. The pelvis, core and hip muscles form important stabilizers that assist movement in all planes. From front to back, side to side, up and down, and even some reciprocal and rotary movements.

With so much going on in the pelvis. The likelihood that something will go wrong is significantly increased. It therefore becomes crucial to put in the work and maintain this particular region.


Importance of Thoracic Mobility 

Decline in our spine mobility sets off a dangerous cascade of issues that affect our mental, physical and emotional health.

Good movement in the thoracic spine is essential to remain pain free for an active lifestyle. But when this starts to plummet. What could have started out as a slower than usual walk. Can descend to depression and a loss of independence. Not to mention that this limitation could mean less exercising, which in turn results, in weight gain. Linking  this with numerous other health issues associated with weight gain. Sinking you further into depression and a reduced quality of life.

Lack of mobility in the thoracic spine also means that you are subject to an increased risk of injury. Especially in the shoulder and neck regions. Additionally, the prevalence of lower back pain is increased when your thoracic spine is less mobile.


Importance of Core Strength (pelvic stability & thoracic mobility)

At the beginning of this blog. We highlighted how all these regions work in perfect synchrony for a better functioning body. Therefore most of the advantages of core strengths are synonymous to both thoracic mobility and pelvic stability.

Good posture. Other than an increase in projected confidence and trimming your silhouette. A great posture reduces wear and tear on the spine  and allows for deeper breaths. Making it easier for oxygen to travel through your muscles so they are able to contract. Better yet, you will find that you can sit and stand for longer periods of time. These activities make up most of our days making it very key.

Reduced Back pain. A better aligned and upright body helps us avoid a lot of back pain issues. When all these components are working their fair share of the load. Overcompensation is no longer necessary. Ensuring better support for your body, especially the neck and back.

In whichever workout form you enjoy doing the most. Including exercises that have a particular emphasis on pelvic stability, thoracic mobility and core strength should be a priority. This region is the powerhouse of our entire body.. Strength training should be emphasized in this region. Other than making our days way easier. We also get to experience our body at it’s finest and top most efficiency  

Try this Pilates routine to help improve your back and spine health.

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