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Improving Hamstring Flexibility With Pilates


Our flexibility and mobility are such an underrated gift in our daily lives. Experiencing pain in our hamstrings can become a lingering issue. Causing many of us a lot of discomfort and pain. It doesn’t have to be that way however. Tight hamstrings can become a thing of the past once you find the perfect Pilates routine. This is not an exaggeration. Pilates has been proven to show jaw dropping results when it comes to improving hamstring flexibility. In just a short amount of time

Keeping your hamstrings loose is vital in avoiding injury and strain. Not just when you're engaging in an active lifestyle. It is very much an investment in your muscles' future well being. Having sufficient hamstring strength can alleviate a lot of pain and make your days a whole lot brighter. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Pilates for hamstring flexibility.


The sensation you feel of tight hamstrings can sometimes be misleading. It could be a consequence of your range of motion being hampered. Mainly because of imbalances in the connected muscles and joints. 

Unlike when we do static stretches, Pilates training offers dynamic movements which improves your body awareness, strength and flexibility. This integrated cocktail of movements provide additional support to the surrounding muscles and tissues. This has been shown to greatly improve hamstring flexibility.


Due to the diversity and variety of positions at your disposal while performing Pilates, all the muscles are addressed by functional movements. Your everyday actions like sitting, walking or squatting are improved. This helps to prevent pain and injury. Having well balanced muscles consequently makes your life way easier.

Your muscles are all connected. As a result the best way to work on the hamstrings is to strengthen and stretch your entire body. Making Pilates the ideal exercise for this.


You will also realize by using Pilates for your hamstrings, stress in your back is diminished. When your hamstrings are in ideal shape, your hip alignment improves. The stress decreases in your lumbar spine, alleviating your lower back pain and stiffness.

Hamstring tightness is commonly associated with lower back pain. This is because the hamstring muscle group extends from the pelvis, to the the knee. This means that knee injuries can also occur from having tight hamstrings.


Pilates becomes beneficial to you by mobilizing your hip joints and stretching the hamstrings. While at the same time, keeping your spine in a strong, neutral position. This pelvic neutral alignment not only improves posture, but also prevents chronic and acute injuries to your knees and back. That is why you may find exercises that contribute to strong and pliable hamstrings also include exercises to avoid knee surgery.


Pilates is an excellent modality for stretching your tight muscles. This is due to the nature of the dynamic movements. Stretching, then releasing. In turn, strengthening those muscles. Pilates avoids overworking and overloading the same muscles and joints. Providing balance to your exercise routine.

Sometimes, our tense and tight muscles are a sign of stress. Pilates incorporates the mindful aspect to exercise and can help calm your mind through breathing exercises. 

Some exercises, such as the Pilates bridge, are actually used in rehabilitation programs as injury prevention exercises.

Pilates therefore offers you the perfect balance of strength and thoughtful movement. It improves your hamstring strength and ensures they remain long and flexible. Making it the perfect exercise modality for improving your hamstring flexibility and pain release.

Here are some of the most rewarding exercises for both strength and flexibility 

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