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My Simple Pleasure Moment With My Family

It’s just a simple moment with my family. We’re just chillin’ on the bed, talking, laughing and enjoying the moment.

My daughter has moved out,  back in October of 2015. My hubby and I have been empty nesting ever since. Oh yeah, a part of me thoroughly enjoys it. I have been doing my own thing, working on my business, going out dancing, getting out of town for the weekend, going to the museum, going for walks, watching the sunset, and other things…

Now, when she comes over it’s this wonderful and playful time. No homework to check in about, no having to drive here and there and everywhere, dropping off,  and picking up. We just hang out, catch up and see what she’s up to.

It does make me think though, about what my life will be like after raising a child. Family life is a whole world unto itself, time consuming, life consuming and a huge act of sacrifice. It’s a profound experience; how do I fill this time? I have this time now, time to think about what it is I really want.

I don’t want to live my life by rote; I want my life to have an intention, a purpose.  A life of joy and fun. So here I am trying to capture these simple pleasure moments, reflect on them and let them sink into me, so I can use them to feel and be engaged in my everyday life. So I can have fun and enjoy my everyday life.

How do you find joy in your everyday life? I’d like to know.

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