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Optimizing Performance By Improving Core Stability


Optimizing performance by improving core stability.

Performance optimization starts with core stability, whether you’re an athlete or just looking to be in tip top shape.


By taking up a routine that focuses on stabilizing your core, you create the foundation of a stronger, more balanced body. You will ensure that the risk of injury is minimized because your body will work in a more efficient way.


Core exercises help to stabilize the spine and pelvis. While at the same time ensuring that energy is transferred to the extremities right from the center. This stabilization works on weak areas reducing the risk of injury.


Core Strength and Injury Prevention

When your core is weaker relative to your body, you become accustomed to the overuse of other muscle groups to generate the force desired in any movement. Putting  considerable amount of strain on your muscles and joints, to generate and transfer the energy. Increasing your ability to generate power with maintained stability and balance will reduce your risk of injury.


Adding core stabilization exercises into your routine will increase stability and facilitate proper muscle recruitment. The muscles of the core when stable, strong, and efficient, absorb and translate force better.


Core Strength for Body Position Control 

Core stability is especially essential when you’re making rotational movements. To generate optimum power and transfer that power along the kinetic chain. This becomes vital if you’re an athlete or engage in an active lifestyle. Strengthening of core stabilizers, ensures strength in your arms and legs is maximized. 


Additionally, a stronger core will allow you to hold positions for an extended period of time. Ultimately, improved core strength is helping you maximize your power output.


Core Strength to Increase Power Development

When you’re involved in some sort of sport and maintaining an active lifestyle. A combination of speed and strength might be the deciding factor on your outcome.


Power can be the determining factor in the success and failure of your movement. A stronger core facilitates efficient transfer of energy along your kinetic chain. 


Core Strength in Stabilization and Efficiency.

Muscles from both your upper and lower body attach at the pelvis. Stabilization of this anchor therefore creates a stable platform. Giving you more power and efficiency in the way your limbs move.

A stronger core will help your spine and pelvis maintain stability while the muscles of the legs, arms, and shoulders remain active.

There are so many reasons you should have a reliable core routine. The stakes are high, especially for athletes.


It's never too late to start. Here are some of the top pics from Vital 7. Your core will never be as strong as it will be with these routines.

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