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Pilates for Stress, Anxiety Management and Relaxation

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Pilates for Stress, Anxiety management and Relaxation. 

Stress, like many things in life is great in small doses. It pushes you to be more, to want more and rise above all adversities in life. Often times however, it loiters. Finding ourselves in a constant fight or flight mode with a never-ending restlessness. Creating a dent in our relationships, our mood and even our health. Pilates is a great modality for stress and anxiety management.


The world around us can seem to go so fast that we lose touch. It’s during these times that we need to take a step back. To connect with our bodies, our minds and soul.  To actually listen to what they are communicating. 

This can come in many ways but today let’s talk about how Pilates bridges this mind and body connection. If left unchecked this becomes a ticking time bomb for anxiety and depression. Pilates can provide a space for the body to relax. And focus on the present.

Effects of stress on overall health 

Before we dive in too deep on Pilates. Let’s take look at what stress actually does to our bodies. Other than our minds suffering from stress. Time and again these mental stressors tend to manifest in the physical. From chronic headaches, digestive issues, feeling dizzy, muscle tension, back pain, and even breakouts and skin rushes. 

But that is not all, stress can rise blood pressure and suppress your immune system. Making you susceptible to getting ill and potentially inflate your stress levels. It is therefore very important to be proactive and deal with the situation before it even begins.

How does Pilates make you more relaxed? 

Pilates helps with stress and anxiety management because it offers a space for the body to relax and reset. By focusing on the present, all your worries go out the window. In that moment, what matters is your wellbeing and peace.

Focusing on stretching and strengthening. A unique blend of energized yet relaxing experience is created. Calming your mind and body while at the same time reducing muscle tension and fatigue.

Most of these exercises incorporate breathing techniques that help restore the nervous system. Providing instant relief. These exercises also facilitate the release of endorphins which restore your mood in a snap. Brightening your day and those others around you.

Using Pilates to deal with anxiety

Pilates will help you take a step back, slow down and concentrate on just your body so that you can manage your stress and anxiety. What are your body's needs in that particular moment? This will help keep you in the present and be mindful of the self at that particular time so that you can decompress.

This cultures a form of mindfulness in movement that helps relieve feelings of anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed. Catch my next blog for more on mindfulness in movement.

Pilates helps you build a strong connected body that knows it’s needs. This can help you recharge whenever you are feeling low. Squeezing in a quick 20 minute routine will leave you feeling new. The basis to a happier life is knowing and understanding the basics of a healthy body. What makes you happy and brings balance to your life. 

By naturing a sense of self awareness and inner strength. It offers a space where you feel secure and safe. Helping you deal with your daily life knowing, amidst all the chaos, there is a safe space where you can just let go and focus on you. Giving all the attention and detail to every bit of you.   

Pilates can be very beneficial for our overall mental health. Helping you get out of your head and give you the control back. Often, we get caught in the irrationality of intrusive thoughts and lose ourselves. But with the right channels such as taking a Pilates class. We can take back the power.

Spare time for a Pilates class 

Taking a class can be very helpful in your mental health and stress relief journey. The interactions you get to have with other people, take you out of your shell. Adding a routine to your day has a way of organizing your life for the better.

Humans are inherently social beings. That sense of community and acceptance will do wonders for your mental health journey 

Pilates is in all ways a form of self-care. Consistency is what is going to bring the change you want. It might seem demanding but anything worth fighting for requires sacrifice. That includes a healthy mind.


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