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Reverse The Damage Done By Sitting

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Reverse The Damage Done By Sitting

You can reverse the damage done by sitting. The Sitting Sickness, the damage done by sitting. One of the most unavoidable modern calamities. Destined to send us to an early grave Or is it? Most of us cannot escape this sedentary lifestyle. Our daily commutes have been replaced with a single roll on our beds to reach our laptops. Going back a few years, this was equated to smoking, Irreversible to say the least.

But luckily all this has been debunked. While previous data suggested that this was certainly our doom. And no amount of exercise could ever really save us. It is not the end of the world as we know it, there are actionable steps that will make your body and life healthier.

Let’s take a look at the effects and solutions to this Throne of Doom. Otherwise known as the office chair.

Why Is Sitting So Bad?

Sitting is not one of the healthiest things we can do. A myriad of detrimental ramifications do come with this way of living. Putting us at risk of a plethora of health and physical problems.

Some of the short-term effects on our health can put a strain on our day to day. From pain in our hips, neck, hamstrings, and back. Additional strain does result in a lot of stiffness and tightness making our overall quality of living terrible. Poor posture and alignment also creates unnecessary strain on our joints.

The Long term effects of sitting are even more scary. And might just be the motivation you needed to get up and about. Years of sedentary living are sure to have irreparable damages to your body. One being musculoskeletal injuries as a result of imbalances and abnormal joint and soft tissue loading.

If that wasn't enough, poor posture can result in irreversible changes to the skeletal system. An example being an increase in your upper back curvature.

Reverse The Effects Of Sitting By Stretching!

After a long day. Our default activities would include relaxing. Maybe watch some TV or scroll through your socials. Let’s replace that with a quick session of stretching. You’re probably feeling a little sore. Be mindful of your body and pinpoint some of the problem areas. Try and look for stretching routines that suit your very needs. Be in tune with your body. It’s what you will experience life with and it should at its best. Subscribe to The Vital 7™ YouTube channel. Every muscle is given the attention it deserves.

Take A Walking Break Every Hour!

Sitting for prolonged periods of time tends to shorten certain muscle groups like your hamstrings and hip flexors. At the same time putting other muscle groups in an inactive state. Like our glutes.

When we take a break from sitting. We give these muscles a chance. The glutes get activated. The hamstrings get lengthened and our body appreciates that. We counteract the harm caused by sitting. This doesn’t mean that everything is hunky dory. But we should seek out those opportunities that break the cycles of sitting.

Move As Much As Possible 

Taking the long route to work, taking the stairs, five minutes here, ten minutes there. It all adds up. The more you can fit in a day the better for your health. Squeeze in some stretches while you do normal everyday things. A few lunges here and there will keep the physiotherapist away. This accumulation of movement means something. Of course not every movement is enough movement. Capitalize on those that reap the most reward in your down time. When you take the initiative to try. You’ll be shocked how much you can get done  

Adjust Your Work Environment 

Make sure that lumbar support is the top priority. How comfortable is your chair? Does it maintain the natural curve in your lower back? It might be time to get that lumbar support pillow, or a new chair. Something to note is. When you’re sitting, your hips should be above the level of your knees. If your chair is too high, you can consider putting a box under your feet to prop them up, and if your chair is too low and can't be adjusted, it may be time to search for another. 

Be More Active 

The most  common misconception is that exercise won’t really counteract the effects of sitting. While little exercise won’t make a difference. A cumulation of conscious movements does. When you take extra time to strengthen and stretch your body. This makes all the difference. Commit to at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least five times a week. Consistency is everything. Add this to your routine and set out to commit. Even 10 minutes is better than none.


So your best bet to reverse the damage done by sitting is to be more aware and move more. Note how long you sit and seek out ways to break this cycle. Strengthen your body and stretch it everyday. Try to break from sedentary living. Because every movement will counteract damages done by something we can’t really avoid.

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