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Why Is Hip Mobility Important?

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Importance of Hip Mobility

Hip mobility is Vital for optimum health in your body. Unfortunately, physical therapists have been making a killing in this post covid era. We all have an influx in the number of pains and aches we encounter. With working remotely being encouraged, it is no surprise that the time you spend sitting is enormous. If you fail to properly exercise, your body will begin to fall apart like the hinges of an unused door.

The Forgotten Hip

A region that is often overlooked is your hip muscles. Which is such a shame as they can be a source of great power. Characterized by hardy, dense and robust ligaments, tendons, and musculature. They are designed to give you optimum activity and mobility. However many of us neglect and rarely see the use of this potential.

Granted it is a very complex muscle group. Comprising of not one or two, but 15 muscles. Working together in perfect synchronicity to give hip joint mobility. 

Why Should You Give Your Hips Extra Attention?

There is one absolute truth. We sit a whole lot. When we are in this position, the hips are flexed/bent and the hip flexors that cross the front hip get shortened. This results in loss of elasticity which becomes more pronounced as we get older and our muscles become less pliable.

Your hip flexors and glutes are prominent in the activation of your hips. When they are weak, the lower back takes over. Although this is your core and lumbar spine. It’s not designed for a lot of activity.  But with a weaker posterior chain, your hip extension is no longer sufficient, delegating all this to this already fragile area.

But wait, you work out every day and your hip mobility is just as bad. For our fitness enthusiasts, stamina, speed, and raw strength is half of the equation. The ability to move your hips or any other joints to the full range of motion is a sight to behold.  But the same will apply to grandfathers, teens, and avid couch seaters. To flourish in any environment you need an unadulterated use of your muscles limbs and joints.

Is The Hip Mobility Damage Reversible?

The good news is. You never lost it. With a good and consistent routine, you can regain all of it and more. However, maintaining it will be the tricky bit. When laziness and forgetfulness become a habit. You end up misplacing it all over again. If you’re not keen enough this could become a vicious cycle detrimental to your muscles.

Preventing Hip Mobility Damage And Why It’s Important. 

When you focus on improving other muscles in your body without mobility. All this strength becomes pointless. Strength will suffer without sufficient mobility. Improving hip mobility will not be advantageous to your hips alone. When your hip muscles produce inadequate power due to your poor posture and inactivity. Joints nearby tend to overcompensate for this to their own detriment. The lumbar spine and knees often are generous assistants. Resulting in significant lower back pain, injury, and knee pain.

Hip Mobility And Pain Elevation

By holding the hips accountable and helping them perform their tasks more efficiently. Your lower back and knees rid of the additional responsibility. This elevation of overcompensation effectively eliminates lower back and knee pain.

Hip Mobility And Power Output 

Proper hip mobility will enable you to engage your posterior chain. Especially when lifting and doing squats. It will improve the strength and power of your hip extension. Just like a rubber band. The more it extends the further it will shoot. As a result, the greater your hip mobility, the greater your range of motion and a resultant greater generation of power.

Also, with improved hip mobility, your rotational strength becomes phenomenal. Instead of the lumbar spine doing this task (which is a horrible idea) power can now be generated from the hips. Perfect for swinging that golf club and speed when sprinting - nice try man in a van, but I am faster than you.

Hip Mobility And Improved Body Health. 

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing. Your muscles, joints, and limbs represent a collective of pieces working together to propel you through three-dimensional space. You may already know the connection between the glutes, posterior chain, and hamstrings in making your movement more efficient. Instead of overcompensation. All the muscles work together and as a result, your body is much healthier and this overall contribute to a much better quality of life.

When you take all this into account and get into the routine of prioritizing hip strengthening exercises. We encourage correct movement and significantly avoid injury. Remember, these muscles are made to work. Engage them. Here's a routine from Vital 7™ to jump-start your journey.

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