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Why Lunges Are Important

Why Lunges Are Important

Are you dreading Leg Day, lunges to be more precise? While some people might enjoy the burn that comes with it. We can all agree the numbers are not astronomical. They truly give us a hard time. But for such a defamed leg workout, the results are unbeatable. Making all that pain worth it.

With its miraculous pros, the process of reaping these rewards is anything but that. It's crucial to practice lunges properly. Preventing excess pressure in your joints that might cause injury. Additionally, consistency is paramount. 

Adding a few sets of lunges everyday is sure to bring noticeable changes in terms of muscle mass and shaping your body. Let’s have a look at some of those benefits promised and how to get those results.

Lunges for Improved Balance and Stability 

As a lower body unilateral exercise, the single leg movements performed in this exercise activate your stabilizing muscles. Your body becomes less stable when you’re working one leg at a time. Forcing your core and spine to work harder to stay balanced. Facilitating the development of coordination, balance and stability. 

By engaging your core and abdominal muscles. Your hips get stronger when you move up and down. Reducing lower back pain considerably. The stabilization benefits you get from lunges are far better than those from deadlifts and squats.

Lunges for Alignment and Symmetry

When it comes to your muscle rehabilitation and correction of misalignments and imbalances. Lunges are far superior to bilateral exercises in making your body more symmetrical. So many muscular asymmetries go unaddressed due to the amounts of bilateral exercises.  

When you establish that you’re weaker on one side. Spend more time working on the weaker side avoiding overcompensation and overuse of the dominant side. This will increase your muscular hypertrophy and strength in the weaker leg.

Lunges For Better Spinal Health

Most exercises put a load on your spine. Lunges however offer your spine the much needed hiatus. Making it flexible and pain free. While at the same time strengthening your back and core muscles. Reducing your risk of injury and improving posture, making everyday movements way easier.

That is also why lunges are considered a functional exercise. By how they impact natural every day movements 

Lunges for Weight Loss

Taking into account the large muscle groups in your lower body targeted by lunges. They offer the ability to build lean muscle and reduce body fat. And it gets better, your resting metabolism is also increased. Allowing you to burn more calories and trim excess weight. 

Lunges to Boost Flexibility of Hip Flexors

Due to the unavoidable sedentary life most of us live, our hip flexors tend to be tighter than a door knob. Walking lunges help boost hip flexibility significantly, which tend to be ignored by other forms of workouts.

Lunges for Gluteal Muscle Activation 

Lunges tip the effectiveness scale when it comes to strengthening glutes and legs. Working to strengthen your lower body. Exercises that work the glutes can enhance power output, decrease lower back pain, and speed. Lunges help you focus on activation and mobilizing them when done consistently.

How to Get Results from Lunges 

There are so many lunge variations that you can take into account. Identifying the regions that they work puts you at a competitive edge. That and mastering the proper form could be the gateway to a rewarding workout routine. 

Stationary Lunges - They target your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps and offer stabilization and support for your body 

Side Lunges - Lateral lunges work your inner and outer thighs and will reduce the appearance of cellulite offering you balance, stability, and strength. 

Walking Lunges - The walking variation targets your hips, core, and glutes and will improve overall stability and coordination. 

Reverse Lunges - They activate the core, glutes, and hamstrings. They put less stress to your joints and are ideal for people who have knee concerns, less hip mobility, and difficulty balancing. 

Twist Lunges -You can add this variation to any of the previous mentions to activate your core and glutes more intensely. You will activate muscles in your ankles and feet on top of all that.

Curtsy Lunge - Excellent for strengthening and toning your derrière and ultimately your posture. Preventing and relieving back and knee pain.

Now that you know all this, it’s hard to say no to a little suffering. Sculpt a lunge variation that is suitable for you, sprinkle a little consistency, And enjoy all the benefits of your hard work with an amazing body to show for it.   

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