Just A Little North, On The California Coast

I love San Francisco but sometimes I just got to get the heck outta dodge.  Over the weekend I headed up North along the California coastline. I wasn’t gone long, just an overnight stay but it felt like I truly got away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

I am the kind of person that wants variety, new experiences and a break from the routine, otherwise I tend to feel stifled and restless. When I break away from the everyday I feel refreshed and inspired to get back to being my very best.

It takes effort for me to be my very best. I am a constant work in progress; my bookshelf is filled with self improvement tips. Tips that take a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. It takes energy for me to be consistent and constant in my awareness and I simply get exhausted from it. Sometimes I just need a break.

I want to break away from my routine, my business, my responsibilities so I can feel a sense of relief and play. I want to have fun and enjoy life! Life is short; time is priceless. It’s important for me to find the balance between work and play. The fine line where I feel productive and inspired; it’s the juicy place where both worlds meet and I feel I am at my finest. My best moods are when I am in these moments, when I am in a clear balance of  work and play. My mood stays positive and I find it easier to think of all the good things I have in my life. I feel the gratitude flow through me more easily, as though it is a more natural state of being. It doesn’t feel like it’s hard work to stay positive. Balance is key.

I am learning to find this balance on a more regular basis. It feels satisfying because I can see my personal growth. I am learning and I am growing. Life is getting better everyday. A drive up the coast, an overnight stay and the beauty of the Northern California Coastline took me away from my routine and helped me to look at myself more objectively. It feels good to not be so hard on myself.

Here’s an article with weekend getaway ideas from vacationidea.com, maybe it will inspire you!

How do you find balance?

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