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Hi, I’m Cassidy! It’s a pleasure to “meet” you. 

Like many of us, I struggled with self-confidence, anxiety, fatigue and depression for a long time. For many years growing up and as a young woman, I enjoyed the independence and expression of dance. During my younger years, I danced professionally in the Bay Area. Later, a series of setbacks lead me down a spiraling road to chronic pain, self-doubt, abuse and worse.

When I hit rock bottom, I had to sit down and assess my life. It definitely wasn’t going as planned. I needed something to help me find my center; to get back to that energetic, enthusiastic, caring person that I once was. I began to remember my youth, dancing, and the joy it brought me. But, due to all the abuse I had done to my body, I needed to get myself right first.

I explored Pilates in the past and found that it helped bring me inner peace, focus and helped to heal my body. What I didn’t like was all the gimmicks and fads out there trying to take my money. I wasn’t interested in Plank Challenges or the newest trending video. I wanted something that I enjoyed doing that actually worked for me.

Over time, I developed Vital 7™ for me. I wanted to craft a program based on core exercises that would build foundational strength to keep me feeling young in my body. If I wanted to go dancing again regularly, I needed to have a strong core so I could shake it all night. I mean, who wants to run out of gas on the dancefloor, right?

As a hard-working, independent woman and mother, I give myself permission to take care of my body and spirit first so I can take care of the world around me. I have a renewed physique and my confidence has received a complete overhaul. I wake up each morning ready to tackle the day ahead, and I feel accomplished and proud of myself when I lay my head down at night. Today, I have a youthful soul and spirit with the juice to live my life. Now, I go out dancing whenever I feel like it – and it’s a lot! 

That’s why I’m putting Vital 7 out there in Internet-land. I want to share my expertise and passion to empower you. Having Vital 7™ at your fingertips makes it easy to fit in your workouts on your schedule. It’s easy to start and pause, then pick back up when you need. I even offer private, one-on-one online sessions if you want to kick it up a notch.

Let’s change your life. I can’t wait to be with you every step of the way.


Oh yeah, want to know I'm qualified to do all this? I'm a nationally certified Pilates instructor. I've been teaching since 1999 and have studied with Pilates masters as well as other modalities which has opened up my skillset and approach for a more comprehensive understanding of the body.

Here's some of my highlights:

  • Rehabilitation with Lizz Roman, Marie-Jose Blom, and Amanda Jessee
  • Myofacial Meridian Training with Thomas Myers
  • Assessing and Correcting Global Movement Patterns with Tom McCook
  • Alleviating Hyperextension with Amy Taylor Alpers
  • Practical Release with Casey Marie Herdt
  • Functional Pilates Through A Gait Focus with Madeline Black