How To Tone Your Arms With 8 Simple Pilates Moves [Save this playlist!]

8 pilates moves to tone arms

Tone Your Arms AND Achieve Balance in Your Body

Toning our arms is not only wonderful to boost our confidence, but provides us with deep-rooted benefits for our bodies. When you work on creating a healthy balance of strength and flexibility in our upper body, the benefits are endless. Toning the back and arms is excellent for improving posture. I think by now, most of us understand how important it is to have good posture. If not, good posture can take the stress off of our muscles and ligaments—greatly reducing the risk of injury.

So…I decided to put together eight of my most favorite simple Pilates moves to help tone your arms, build that balance and strength, and ultimately just get you started!

I’ve chosen these stretches and exercises because you don’t need a ton of experience to do them, so no matter if you’re a beginner or used to more intermediate moves.

Pilates Exercise & Stretch Playlist to Tone Arms, Back, & Shoulders [8 easy videos]

Each exercise in the playlist below targets your back, shoulders, and arms. Plus, I wanted to note that the reason I included some stretches is that it’s just as important to work on your flexibility as it is to work on your strength in order to achieve balance in your body.

Here are 8 fantastic videos all arranged for you in a nice little playlist. Subscribe or click ‘watch later’ to save this playlist and complete these 8 moves any time, anywhere!

Key Notes…

It’s important to pay attention to how your body responds to each exercise. Why? These upper body exercises should be helping you feel better. It’s OK if you feel that you’re in a little bit of pain or sore for a few hours after doing these exercises, but if you feel in pain and sore for days afterward, then you’re probably pushing yourself too far.

Make sure that you honor your body and you move at the pace that continues to help you feel good. You don’t want to push through any pain. If you’re experiencing pain, it’s possible that some of the exercises aren’t right for you, specifically. So again, this is important. Pay attention to how your body responds.

I hope you enjoy these simple Pilates moves that will not only help you tone your arms but also receive the deep-rooted benefits by doing them. Until next time, take care, and thanks for being here with me!

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