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Improving Balance and Stability Via Hip Mobility

Balance is Vital

Foundations of Great Hip Mobility 

Improving balance and stability begins with hip mobility. To have proper stability and balance, our hips need to be flexible and malleable. Having the ability to move in all possible directions and range of motion. Range of motion is greatly limited by weaker muscles and incorrect muscle engagement.

Due to our sedentary living and bad posture, you’ll find that most of our hips have disturbed biomechanics, which in turn tightens and weakens our hip muscles. Leading to pelvic imbalances.

It, therefore, becomes our pre-eminent priority to notice our movement imbalances and posture and work toward restoring and strengthening our hip mobility.

The Hip Joint And Its Movement 

The hip joint has been designed to have 360 degrees of motion. It doesn’t get better than that. But most of our day-to-day activities don’t utilize this that well. Meaning most of us have locked hips. 

Proper alignment of our hips can alleviate a great deal of pain. Our muscles and other soft tissues help to maintain this beautiful alignment. When the muscles are strong and have exemplary mobility, there is less pressure and tear in the hip joints. However, when this is not the case, movement of these bones can result in a lot of friction, stability issues, decreased mobility, and reduced function. 

Another factor that plays a vital role is the conditioning of muscles to work in pairs. Making it very important to maintain strength in both pairs. The abductors and adductors are extremely important in providing and maintaining the integrity of the hip. Creating a strong, balanced link between the torso and the lower body.

It’s also essential to work these muscles in all planes and directions to create more structural integrity for the entire lower body.

Hip Exercises That Improve Your Balance and Stability.

How do you know which exercises are good fro improving your balance and stability? It can be hard to determine which exercises suit you the most. Sometimes we might overwork or do great exercises but in terrible form. You must be mindful not to overwork the tensor fasciae latae. Overuse of this muscle can result in significant knee, hip, and back pain. Which exercises should you consider then?

Dynamic Hip Mobility Stretches 

Dynamic stretches are great for improving your balance and stability. This is the perfect exercise for improving flexibility, blood flow as well as circulation of synovial fluid, and strengthening. Dynamic stretches will involve you doing active movements through the entire range of motion engaging a plethora of muscles. Preparing your body better for any intense exercises that might follow. 

These types of exercises do really improve your functional range of motion and would make your day-to-day life a whole lot better. You should consider these as a safer choice in the case of injury. However, you always do them as a warm-up to your static stretches.

Static Stretching For Improved Hip Mobility

These will involve you painlessly moving your muscles as far as possible from their origin. Then hold this position for about 20-40 seconds. It induces a great deal of relaxation. 

However, I would strongly advise doing these exercises after warming up with some dynamic stretches. Additionally, an increase in the intensity of this exercise is not necessarily a good thing. If you feel even the slightest pinch, you’re probably going too far. Just take a step back and observe for just the stretching sensation. 

You cannot overstate the importance of Hip Mobility in regards to balance and stability. The thing to note however is that this is a task that various muscles come together to perform in perfect coordination. Making it vital to work those glutes, hamstring, and all the other muscles that come together in synchrony and proper conditioning makes a humongous difference. And as always here's favorite Vital 7™ routine to start you off with great momentum.

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