My Simple Pleasure Moment of the Day

What if I could be aware of enough each day to capture my simple pleasure moment of the day? So many happen, small things, like fresh coffee in the morning, a great phone call with a friend, a walk with you daughter, a beautiful rose, checking things off your to do list, and your hubby making fish tacos for dinner! Oh my gosh, sounds like a day filed with simple pleasures. These things all happened to me today!

I  want to become more aware of what brings me joy and take a moment to let it sink into my skin. Maybe if I take the time to write it down, take a picture, it will absorb into me more. What will happen if I take more time to reflect upon the simple pleasures of my day?    I imagine my mood lifting, tensions releasing, my body relaxing.  Aah…

I do take a moment to say thank you, or that I am grateful. I try to be conscious of the little gifts I get each day, the moments that bring a smile to my face, make make me laugh, or make me feel like I was productive. I feel they so easily pass through me, like I forget I just had a simple pleasure moment only moments ago. What can I do to get them to stick for just a little bit longer?

Maybe if you hold me accountable I will have a better chance of capturing these moments more often than not. I may just start actively participating in them! I’m not saying I’m gonna instantly have a simple pleasure moment everyday. I’m just a beginner; there is a learning curve right?

So here is my simple pleasure moment of the day. A rose. It’s the color; I love the color. I saw it while on the walk with my daughter today.

What about you? Do you have a simple pleasure of the day? What is it? I’d like to know.



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