Pilates Exercise: 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Pilates


Feeling the joy and your spark of life that you have is the ultimate reason why I want people to try Pilates. The specific things that spark joy or bring happiness and fulfillment into one’s life varies—but ultimately all share the same intention.

I’m often asked, “Why should I try Pilates exercise? What are the reasons why I should try Pilates?” Usually, I answer with my personal reasons—the reasons why I’m an instructor. I share what inspires, motivates, and brings out the best in me as an instructor, so I can give the best to my clients. The biggest reason why I do what I do and why I want people to try Pilates is so they can live fully and enjoy life again.

There are different aspects of Pilates that ultimately help you enjoy life again and truly feel it. So, why should you try Pilates? As I said, it’s about enjoying life, feeling that joy, igniting your spark. Read on for my five reasons to include Pilates exercise in your life.

1. Pilates Boosts Your Confidence and Self-Awareness

Pilates is a method of movement that is about intention. It gets you to think about how you’re moving, the result you get from that movement, and what you’re trying to achieve from each movement. Through this method, you’re more aware of your body, how it works, and how it feels to be working.

Improved self-awareness gives you more confidence because you are able to do the movement well. Being aware of how you move and understanding the physicality of your body truly ignites an inner-confidence like nothing else. These sorts of things on a deep-rooted level help encourage that mindfulness and assurance you need to seize the day.

pilates builds confidence

2. Pilates Exercise Moves Relieve Distress

Stress affects our lives in many different ways. In life, we typically experience two types of stress—one positive and one negative. Eustress is a more positive kind of stress, like the alert feeling when you get a job promotion. Distress is the feeling of facing challenges with little relief or relaxation between the challenges. Your quality of life is affected by the level of distress that you carry, and can actually build tension in your body.

Pilates exercise is a really effective, holistic way to relieve that stress because as I mentioned before, it is a movement modality that places you in the moment. It’s very important to have an intention, awareness, and a focus on what you’re doing when you’re going through Pilates movements. That kind of focus and presence; without thinking about your shopping list, your to-do list, what happened at work, what your kids are doing, worrying about your family, thinking about your other loved ones, or what bills you need to pay—that is what being in the moment is all about. Even the most basic Pilates exercises help quiet all of those stressful thoughts. Those thoughts and feelings that bring distress into your life are washed away when you’re in the moment of Pilates, while fully present. This is how it relieves that stress.

pilates relieves stress

3. Pilates Improves Bad Posture

Good posture helps us in our fight against gravity. Gravity brings our shoulders and chin forward which creates tension throughout the back, neck, and shoulders. That tension leads to muscle fatigue, back pain, and headaches. That’s where Pilates comes in. By improving your flexibilty and muscle strength, you improve posture. When you have better posture, your body functions more optimally. It’s easier to move and do the things you want to do when you are properly aligned. When you’re properly aligned, your muscles and organs function as they’re supposed to.

4. Pilates Helps You Move Gracefully

Pilates exercise is well-known for improving posture and providing more support to your spine. A stiff back turns into a more supple one. As you build core strength and flexibility, you move with more ease. When movement comes easier, it takes a lot of stress off the body. When you move well, you move with less effort, with more grace, and life becomes more enjoyable. (Full circle!)

5. Pilates Provides Anti-Aging Benefits

This is when we really start to move towards that final moment when we’re feeling that invigorating spark of joyful life again. Pilates can actually make you feel younger in your body! As we start to feel younger in our body, we feel more capable. We are able to do more things, have more endurance, be able to move well, have more mobility, have more strength, more ease, more grace. It truly brings a sense of relief that lightens your mental load. You’ll begin doing more of the things that you love to do. Whatever you like to do in your active lifestyle, whether it’s playing with your kids, hiking, or traveling, it all seems even better when you feel younger in your body.

pilates fall in love with life

Of course, this is all from my perspective as a Pilates teacher. In my experience, this is what brings me the most inspiration, joy, and motivation in teaching others about Pilates exercise that is much, much more than just exercise. It’s about improving my client’s self-awareness and confidence, helping them to relieve stress, improve their posture, get them to move well so that they feel younger in their body. They end up doing more of the things they love to do, like playing with the kids, or hiking or traveling—whatever it may be. Ultimately, I am able to help them get back into enjoying life, having fun, and simply falling back in love with life again.

When you get back to doing what you love, like I said, playing with the kids, or hiking, or traveling, you truly enjoy your life anew. And maybe that’s the answer. The answer to how you fall back in love with life. Maybe that is the number one reason why you should try Pilates.

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