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Pilates Holiday Travel Fitness Tips



Let's go through some Pilates travel / holiday fitness tips and tricks on how to effectively maintain a sound body and mind using Pilates as you experience the world.

Holidays and traveling to new places can tempt you to think of the entire experience as cheat days. You’ve worked so hard throughout the year and you deserve it. There is nothing wrong with having this mindset because you earned it. 

However, this can lead to stress during the holiday as all this is new to your body. Also depression after the holiday as you wonder if it was necessary to overindulge. It can be hard to keep up with your Pilates routine when you’re away from home but you can try. You don't have to be perfect, you could just be good enough.


Factor in all the activities you intend to do during the trip. It doesn’t hurt to also account for delays and other issues that may arise. Fix your Pilates routine around your holiday plans and be intentional about doing it. This way it will be harder to opt out and you’ll actually be looking forward to it. Other than worrying if you’ll find the time.



Ensure that you create some space in your case for Pilates. You don’t need to carry any equipment obviously. A sizable mat can be all you need. It might take up a little space but it’s a sacrifice for your body. Alternatively you could buy one in your destination. 

Packing your Pilates outfit on top of your other clothes can make the difference between doing the routine or not. Seeing the outfit as the first thing you unpack ensures that fitness is your first priority. And not an afterthought. 



Vary your Pilates routine depending on how you’re feeling that day. If you’re a little jet lagged you might want to keep your routine on the lighter side. Be flexible in your routine in case plans affect your schedule to avoid stress from something that should be relieving stress.

A tip for jet lag is powering through the exhaustion until bedtime and maintaining regular meal times. 



Try and keep it simple. Focus more on routines that you can do anywhere so that you avoid excuses. Limit the use of equipment and consider some Pilates floor routines that you really enjoy. 

If you’re in a plane or a particularly long drive Try stretching in your seat to relieve some of the travel  fatigue. Even small exercises count. Don’t feel ashamed. Your body will thank you later.



There are so many resources available on the internet today. Check out the most ideal Pilates routines for how you’re feeling that day. The Body Gallery / Vital 7 YouTube channel has a wide array of Pilates routines for almost everything. Picking out a great follow along and switching it up everyday can help keep things interesting.

Pick out Pilates routines that are fun and will take the stress away from your fitness routine.



What you eat can have a tremendous effect on your mood and energy levels. As much as you can, try to eat wholesome and nutritious meals. You can't out train a bad diet. Aim at eating food that satisfies. Vegetables, Proteins from both animals and legumes and lots of fruits and nuts. Limit your overall starch intake. Rice and potatoes are just fine in moderation.

However, avoid liquid calories, bread and pasta. You need to be deliberate in every meal decision you make. Find the balance in your meals If you're eating an unhealthy dinner, have a light breakfast. Try not to eat two bad meals in a row. 

Remember to drink tons of water.


In the quest for a good time, it’s great to remember moderation. Your ideal beverages should be wine and liquor taken in slow sips. Try and avoid mixers as they are slightly ‘unhealthy’ compared to the former. Avoid any sugary mixes and ensure you take water in between the drinks. 

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