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Point Reyes: At the Edge of the World

I went to Point Reyes with some friends to check out the Tule Elk; it was amazing. I enjoy trying new experiences and I had never been to Point Reyes with the intention of observing the elk, so I said yes to the invitation. Of course, I was expecting to see elk, and we did, but I walked away from the experience with more than just that.

The Tule Elk were beautiful to behold; the males had gathered their harems and were standing guard. We saw the males first, because of their spectacular racks, huge antlers sticking up, out of the tall grasses. Looking into our binoculars we could see the females, beautifully camouflaged in the grass. Nature doing it’s finest to hide the elk in their natural habitat.

It was cool to slowly notice more and more females in the herd. At first we thought maybe there were one or two, but as we patiently observed them we counted 14! A couple of the females were still caring for their young from the last mating season. As we hiked along our nine mile trek we noticed two more herds. The males bugling, keeping guard, keeping their harem safe from potential male threats.

We hiked all the way out to the tip of Tamales Point and it felt like we were at the edge of the world. The cliffs were incredible, the birds flying, diving and resting on the cliffs. We saw pelicans, oyster catchers, cormorants and seagulls. There was so much life and movement, it was beautiful to watch. There were no cars, no tour buses, no sounds of the city, just the sounds of nature, of the waves crashing and of the birds’ cries.

When I was standing on the cliff’s edge, looking over and seeing the life around me, it put me in perspective. I am just a tiny speck of life in this vast world and there is no need for me to carry the weight of my world on my shoulders because life is not as serious as I make it out to be. My ‘problems’ really aren’t all that. That feeling is like a breath of fresh air.

Wanna check out the Elk? Here’s the Point Reyes site for more information. 

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