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30-Days of Self-Care Challenge (Full Kit)

The first step in learning how to fit self-care into your life is realizing that in order to be your best self, to be able to give your best to your friends, your family, your career, you have to take care of yourself. Additional Info

positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are phrases or mantras that you repeat to yourself, which describe a specific outcome or who you want to be. At first, these affirmations might not be true, but with constant repetition, your subconscious mind will start to believe them. Included in the full kit.


30-Days Self-Care Calendar

The Self-Care Calendar is a reminder to love yourself, take care of yourself, and treat yourself kindly. This calendar will also help you prioritize self-care even if you think you're too busy. Check out the free printable calendar. Included in the full kit.

circles challenge

30 Circles Creative Thinking Warm-Up

Try the 30 circles challenge as a great warm-up that encourages creative thinking. Draw or doodle inside one circle a day, or make it a fun challenge for yourself to see how many circles you can transform in 3-minutes (or however long). Included in the full kit.

reflect on your day

Reflect On Your Day Writing Prompt

In this writing prompt, you'll be able to discover the positive of your day and overcome your biggest challenges. Review your completed prompts as time goes on to reflect on the progress you've made. Included in the full kit.

good stuff

Reflect On The Good Stuff Writing Prompt

This 10-minute writing prompt will help you recognize the good stuff. From jotting down a few things you're looking forward to doing, to recognizing things, people, and places you adore—you'll uncover all the positivity available to you in your life. Included in the full kit.

ways to say no

12 Ways To Say "No" Gracefully

Many of us find it challenging to say no in such a yes world. This encourages you to say no to the things that don't make you happy, allowing more time to say yes to the things that do. Included in the full kit.

eating sleeping recovery

Eating & Sleeping For Recovery

Health coach Kendra Cannoy, shares nutrition and sleep hacks to decrease the amount of pain and symptoms many people are experiencing in their day to day life. Additional Info

sleep infographic

The Power of Sleep

If your eating and exercise are on point, but you still don't feel or look the way you want, poor sleep may be to blame. Here's how you make rest a daily priority. Additional Info

fillable calendar

12-Month Fillable Calendar

Add your own self-care thoughts and ideas for each day of the week. The download includes a full montly fillable calendar for 2020, packed with an inspirational quote for each month.

writing exercises

16 Writing Exercises For Any Day Of The Week

Writing is a great self-care activity, especially when it comes to self-reflection. Tame the inner critic and free up your creative courage.


12 Fillable Planners To Help Organize Your Life

Coming up with a plan and sticking to it isn't always as easy at it may seem. Hold yourself accountable with these fillable planners to organize your daily, weekly, or monthly goals and to-do's.

refresh calendar

7-Day Refresh Weekly Planner

Week 1 starts with "Live Long & Limber," a relaxing sequence that will warm the body, boost flexibility, and connect you to your breath. Week 2 goes into, "Build Strength & Stability," a low-impact sequence emphasizing core strength. Start Now

reinjury guide

Three Questions To Prevent Reinjury

Do you find yourself constantly getting re-injured? Often times we'll have an initial injury and then our body compensates to assist the injured areas. Then that compensation leads to another injury, and then another. What if we could stop this vicious injury cycle? Download our guide to find out how.

Self-Care Newsletter

Self-Care Newsletter

Receive a monthly e-newsletter blog and weekly self-care recap right in your inbox. We always include extra tips and bonus content to keep you inspired and motivated to reach and exceed your goals. View all past issues and subscribe. 🙂


eating and sleeping video

Eating & Sleeping For Recovery Kit

Our bodies are so brilliant and have the ability to repair and recover from all sorts of physical and mental stressors. Problems arise when we continually fuel ourselves with inflammatory foods and stop getting the proper amount of sleep.

webinar replay

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you were pain-free and able to play again? In this webinar, Cassidy explains how you can correctly relieve chronic pain and prevent further injuries.


7-Day Refresh

The Vital 7™ Pilates Refresh emphasizes all-around, complete fitness to support a variety of your personal goals. Your instructor, Cassidy, focuses on increasing your flexibility and strengthening your core. For the next two weeks, you’ll work on movements that fit your fitness capacity while safely pushing you to the next level. Download the Weekly Planner


And, We're Rolling!

Rolling your body is a great way to relieve pain and keep your body loose and limber. Here's a collection of videos all about rolling.


6 Stretches to Relieve Sore Neck & Upper Back Pain

When doing these exercises, remember to breathe. Breathing is important because it transfers oxygen into the muscles and improves your blood flow which helps power the muscles so they can move with more ease and less strain.


7 Simple Stretches for Lower Back and Hip Pain

You will feel and see your improved range of motion when doing this stretch. Once you see your range of motion has increased you can stop.


How To Tone Your Arms With 8 Simple Pilates Moves

I’ve chosen these 8 exercises because you don’t need much experience to do them, and each exercise targets the back, shoulders, and arms. Plus, I’ve included great stretches, because it’s just as important to work on your flexibility as it is to work on your strength in order to achieve balance in your body.


Morning Exercises - Quick Pilates Routine for Energy and Stretching

These Morning Pilates Exercises will help warm up your body to start your day energized and more on a healthy note.


Simple Holiday Pilates Routine

We all need a little encouragement to stick to our routines during the holidays. Here is a little playlist to keep you going!


self care saturday

Create A Self-Care Saturday For Yourself

While it can be any day of the week, here is a shortlist of self-care ideas for you to kick-off your day on the right foot.

self care ideas

16 Fun Self-Care Ideas

Whether it's looking up funny memes on the internet or listening to that one song on repeat—there are plenty of little ways to practice self-care on the regular.

take a break

50 Ways To Take A Break

Sometimes we just need a friggin' break (or to or three)! The options to take a little time for yourself throughout the day are endless! Check out these 50 ideas.


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