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Seven Self-Care Acts Easily Done in Under Five Minutes

This Whole Month, Let’s Take Care of Ourselves

This whole month, it’s easy to get sucked into the grind and we could easily end up neglecting ourselves! I don’t know about you, but December can bring up lots of different emotions and stressors for me. We thought this was the perfect month to prioritize self-care so we can be at our best for our loved ones and career.

As a reminder for myself, my friends, and all of you, I decided to post seven simple acts of self-care that we can easily do in under five minutes. Each of these acts designed to get you out of a trying emotional state.


1. If You Feel a Sense of Lacking or Scarcity

Write down what you feel grateful for in your life. When we focus more on what we do have, as opposed to what we don’t have, it can change our mindset. This is very powerful.

2. If You Feel a Fear of Change

Take a few minutes to enjoy your favorite warm beverage and reflect on the times when you have experienced change and it turned out for the better. Think about how change is an opportunity for something better to come into your life. You’ve been through change before and you’ve come out the other side.

loose tea

3. If You Feel Stress

Listen to your favorite comedian for a few minutes. Laughing is good for our spirits.

4. If You Feel Lonely

Call a loved one, even if they don’t answer. Sometimes just hearing their voice can help remind you that you’re not alone.

woman on the phone
asking for help

5. If You Feel Overwhelmed

Ask for help. Your loved ones want to help you. Learning how to ask for help is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. We’re not meant to do it all. We’re only human, after all.

6. If You Feel Restless

Dance in your living room to your favorite song. Dancing is a great way to get the body moving and to let out some of our restlessness and anxiety.


7. If You Feel Like Your Mind Won’t Shut Off

Write freestyle for 5 minutes. Just write whatever thoughts are coming into your head. They don’t have to relate to one another or even make sense. Freewriting can clear the mind of our emotional clutter giving us a chance for some clarity.

Here to Inspire and Ignite Your Fire

Of course, these are ideas meant to inspire you, to give you some ideas. If they don’t resonate with you, that’s OK. You know what works best for you.

I’m here to inspire and light a little fire under our booties so that we take just 5 minutes a day to take care of ourselves in order to be our best for ourselves and everyone else in our lives. There's no reason why we can’t be proactive during this busy month. Any day of the year, self-care just takes a few minutes daily! 

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