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You Can Shift Your Mindset.

Hi, Beautiful! I am working on my mindset right now because my mood sucks. Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling a sense of urgency, feeling stress, anxiety, fear? That happened to me this morning, and I was like, “I got to do something about this.” I have a class to teach at…

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A Day To Remember: Stillness and Beauty

I’m working on remembering the stillness and beauty of my vacation, keeping it close to me, so when the sirens ring and the horns honk, I don’t go crazy! The Body Gallery is located in downtown San Francisco and I love it. I enjoy being in the hustle and the bustle of the city when…

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It Was Beautiful, Tulum: A Scene Out of a Dream

It was beautiful, simply beautiful. Tulum was like a scene out of a dream. It made all of my struggles and issues wash away. It was just me and the ocean, the magnificent ocean. Do you ever experience a moment when the world seems so big and you seem so small, as though whatever problems you have stand aside when you…

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