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Pilates Workouts that Elevate and Empower You to Awesome!

Vital 7™ helps set the foundation for a healthy, active life. It isn’t the complete answer to total health, but it’s an important factor. Feel good in your body again. Build your strength, increase your flexibility and create balance in your entire body with my online Pilates workouts. Through online Pilates workouts, your body will get in sync and give you the juice for life.

Have more energy to do the things you love. Wake up with a vigor to embrace the day. The precise, meditative movements of Vital 7 will bring you a renewed focus and a sense of positivity. Through Pilates movements, your body will get in sync and give you the juice for life. 

The core movements of Vital 7 are designed to enhance your body, mind and spirit. Alignment and flexibility allows you to embrace life and all the wonderful, exciting and delightful possibilities it has to offer. Vital 7 helps you create a flow through life and embraces that journey!

Signing up for Vital 7 is easy. Click the button below and head to the sign-up page. Once you’ve entered your details and hit LET’S DO THIS, you’ll have instant access. Remember each video is only about 5 minutes and a lot can happen in 5 minutes. Choose the foundational series that inspires you, and get started! Or, you can give Vital 7 as a gift

Take a peek into our teaching style: